Created by Erigatohishia

A website created by Erigatoshima(Creator of to hold all of his past and future projects that may be created  in the future.This website will act as a Hub for people to visit to expirence all of Erigatohishimas games fully unblocked and unrestricted be it Massive multiplayer online games that you can play with friends or with millions of other players around the world at the same time while battling to be the best and most popular player in the world,To nice single player games that can have a unlimited amount of possiblitys from super fast paced rythmic music games that challenge your brains ability to keep up with SUPER BASSBOOSTING music or casual free tower defense games that are slow paced but still give you a rewarding feeling at the end of the day when you see htat you were able to defend your castle or base to the best of your abilitys and it paid off or super casual one button games you play on the way to work or between advertisements to help make the time pass by faster so you dont have to be bored.Whatever the case Erigatohishima creator of will allways have a game for your needs!The most recent game added to the website is inspired by the Superbowl it's called it has very intense arcade like gameplay with 2 minute rounds so players can get a nice doce of fun and fast paced action without needing to spend hours grinding