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At erigato.space,you can play the best browser online multiplayer games,casual and mobile games even if its a FPS,Zombie survival game,a slither io snake game or even a zombs royale battle game.We have them all.Each game is hand picked and or created by erigatohishima 



Erigatohishimala [at] gmail.com


Erigato.space is home to the best games created by Erigatohishima and other great Web and IO browser based casual games that are fun for everyone

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Io games started out in the early days when Agar.io and Slither.io launched,Back then they were the first games to take fun and casual multiplayer to amssive platform that wasnt a AAA game.Many developers saw the success of those two Massive Io games that were multiplayer and free games thus the whole genre of IO games was born

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