Forcemaster 12/2020

ForceMaster biggest physics based one with the force Jedi push game
What is Genshin impact?
Forcemasters take on the concept of force is nice and modern,It puts the user in the ultimate position of power and gives them the Force to use under their finger tips,Be one with the force and push away the enemys in Forcemaster

Genshin Impact 11/2020

Genshin impact is also one of the best recent games of 2020.It's had the 2nd biggest launch world wide and the biggest launch in east asia.
What is Genshin impact?
Genshin impact is a fantastic new take on a in depth RPG catering to anime audiences that are familiar with issekai(Main character gets transported to another world) storys.Where thru unkownor known events the character is transported to a entire new world from their own and must embark on a specefic mission theyd normally never do in their original worlds due to limits like having no magic or the strength to do so in their original worlds

Amongus 11/2020

Among us is the biggest game that's launched recently.It was originally created in 2018 as an independent small game partaking in a game jam. is home to the best games created by Erigatohishima and other great Web and IO browser based casual games that are fun for everyone

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Io games started out in the early days when and launched,Back then they were the first games to take fun and casual multiplayer to amssive platform that wasnt a AAA game.Many developers saw the success of those two Massive Io games that were multiplayer and free games thus the whole genre of IO games was born

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